Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): We believe that scientific knowledge and scientific methods should be available to all people who wish to have access to them, and that the ability to pursue and practice science should not be limited to individuals from certain economic, gender, cultural, ethnic, or identity groups. In accordance with this philosophy, we strive to create a diverse, inclusive environment of scientists from a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds. We work to make our research, data, code, and educational materials publicly accessible for anyone who wants them. Finally, we take active strategies to engage historically underserved communities in science, and thereby enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM.

Specific actions we are taking to address these challenges are:

-Prioritize acquiring funding to support mentees to ease the financial burden of participation in research for minoritized and marginalized students

-Engage in practices to recruit students and work with collaborators from a broad range of intersecting backgrounds, identities, and orientations

-Provide opportunities for students, postdoctoral scholars, and junior collaborators to meet and participate in activities to broaden and strengthen their community of peers and collaborators

-Create an open and supportive environment where students, mentees and collaborators feel free to express opinions and share their experiences and knowledge

-Create opportunities for students and mentees from diverse backgrounds to re-engage with their own communities on scientific topics and career mentoring

-Use quantitative metrics to measure how mentoring efforts impact individuals from diverse backgrounds

DEI programs: A major ongoing DEI project is the UC Santa Cruz STEM Success Research AI for the Ocean program, which is currently in its first year. Andrew is co-director and lead scientific mentor for the program, and others in the lab are serving as mentors for undergraduate participants. Learn more about the program HERE.